What has Christianity ever done for us?

Sunday 19 March, 6.30pm

Join us in the Church for the latest in our series of Highfield Lectures on Sunday 19 March at 6.30pm when Professor Paul Copan will be speaking on ‘What has Christianity ever done for us?’

Paul Copan is an engaging speaker who is visiting from the USA. He is a Christian theologian, philosopher, apologist, and author. He is currently a Professor at the Palm Beach Atlantic University where he holds the endowed Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics. Paul has written several popular books that explain and defend the Christian faith. In this lecture he will argue that the democratic gains we take for granted in Western history are the legacy of a consistently-lived biblical faith.  “Spin the globe. Where you see stable democracies, look for the imprint of Protestant Christianity in their history.”

All are welcome to attend!